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Helix Systems, Inc. designed and built Real-Time computer systems. The company is now semi-dormant, work is restricted to maintenance of the scada system described below. This website is therefore being converted to a personal web page for Bill Stewart, president of Helix Systems, Inc.

I have had over 44 years of computer design and programming experience, and was responsible for the design and implementation of over 20 major computer systems over my career. Examples of recent projects:
  • Process Control (SCADA) System
    Complete factory process control system for a major household products company used in many of their manufacturing facilities worldwide.
  • Statistical Process Control Program
    Feature-rich SPC package for an international household products company, featuring both manual and automatic data entry and extensive analysis capability.
  • Robotics System
    Automated Guided Vehicle system for worldwide pharmaceutical company to handle vaccine production in a sterile manufacturing environment.
  • Brain Electrical Activity Mapping System
    Innovative new brain scanning and testing instrument selected by Fortune magazine in 1988 as one of the 100 best made American products.
  • Other Projects
    A list of some of the other projects I have been responsible for during my career from 1970 to the present.

Brief bio:
1956-1968 - RCA Eastern Test Range: 56-58 St. Lucia then San Sal radar. 58-60 Ships. 60-61 Cape Tel Elsee. 62-68 Ships.
1968-1970 - RCA Computer Division: Service Manager.
1970-1975 - Merck & Co. Real time system design.
1975-1982 - Computer Interface Systems, Inc.: President
1982-1985 - Braintech, Inc.: COO then CEO.
1985-Present - Helix Systems, Inc.: President

PILOT: Single and Multi Engine land, Instrument, Helicoptor

Some personal projects I have done since semi-retirement: [PROJECTS]

I can be reached at bill@helixsys.com

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