Infact and Winfact Process Control Systems

These process control systems were custom designed for a worldwide household products manufacturer for use in their factories. Systems were installed in the U.S.A., Mexico, England, France, Brazil, Columbia, Thailand, China and elsewhere.

The systems run on PC hardware using standard PLC hardware from GE, Allen Bradley, Siemens and others for interface to the factory hardware. The Infact system is IBM OS/2 based; the Winfact system runs from a Windows Server and can handle up to about 200 (or more, depending on server hardware) remote nodes on Windows NT, Vista or Windows 7 platform, as well as all Apple and Samsung tablet systems with reduced capability.

Major components of the Infact/Winfact system:
Systems in the factory consist of one or more master nodes, (nodes that are connected directly to a PLC), and as many slave nodes as desired. The major current implementaton of this system in a liquid soap factory consists of 55 OS/2 master nodes, 75 OS/2 slave nodes, and a Winfact server which typically handles about 80 nodes.

This system is extremely robust. Development started in 1992, and has been continuously debugged and improved since then, with new features to numerous to mention. I still maintain and improve this system on a part-time basis.